Are we in a Brave New World yet

What is freedom to you? Is it an ability to choose what degree to pursue, where to live, what to have for dinner, or is it that hip Pharrell tune? Would limiting these freedoms make you unhappy? More importantly, are you likely to ever be persuaded to volunteer your freedom, aspirations, identity to be sacrificed for the greater social good?  Now before you dismiss us as lunatics, you might be surprised to learn that there were literally hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people who not so long ago willingly sacrificed their freedoms for the promise of a better society. Can it happen to us?

This week we collaborated with Interesting Literature blog to discuss striking dystopian visions of two seemingly different writers - a Russian Evgeniy Zamyatin and an English Aldous Huxley. Head to the link above to find out why two seemingly different dystopian world are so relevant today, again.

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